Cold Sores!

A simple remedy for the cold sore Monster

Cold Sores!

If you’ve ever gotten one, you know how awful they are. If you’ve had to live with them for over 30 years, like I have, you’ve probably become petrified at just the thought of getting one at the worst possible time. Before a big interview or the day you’re supposed to meet someone for the first time or even just seeing family. My family is from Spain, so whenever you see family you greet them with a kiss and no one wants to be kissing anyone when they have one or getting kissed by someone who has one. I think it’s safe to assume that they are disgusting and everyone would like them to go away as quickly as possible. I call it the little monster!

Well, over the past 30 plus years I’ve tried everything there is on the market. From basic lip moisturizers to the expensive products that claim they’ll get rid of it in just a couple of days. None of it has worked for me. About five years ago I started using a simple household product and it seemed to help. Over that time I’ve sort of established a system that has worked for me. I haven’t gotten one in over a year and the last one I got I treated it and it was gone in less than a day. I used a simple household product that 90% of you probably have in your homes.

My technique I’ve has not been laboratory or clinically proven. I’m not guaranteeing results for anyone. I’m simply telling anyone who would like to listen, what I’ve done and how it’s helped me and possibly make a few bucks to help put my kids through college. When I was suffering with them seven, eight, nine times a year or more I would have gladly paid a couple bucks for some advice on how others had gotten rid of theirs.


My Cold Sore Remedy







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